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Life is busy and you like to keep things simple – and so do we. Our founder, Cathy, was looking for snacks with a short list of clean ingredients that would give her everything she needed (like lots of protein) and nothing she didn’t (like lots of sugar)!

When she couldn’t find anything, she started SimplyProtein®. Over 15 years later we’ve stayed true to what was most important to Cathy, snacks that work for you.

Since the beginning, SimplyProtein® has been about bringing together great taste and nutrition. All of our snacks are gluten free and contain no artificial flavours or artificial sweeteners.

From humble beginnings, we grew to a full range of great-tasting, nutritious products including: bars, chips, protein cookies and, our newest addition, collagen bars. We hope you love them as much as we do and would love to hear from you!