Hotel PUR Quebec City
395 Couronne St, Quebec City, QC G1K 7X4


Hotel PUR Quebec is a 242-room hotel in the heart of the Saint Roch district, a neighbourhood that exemplifies Quebec’s eclectic, independent spirit. Providing upscale amenities and exceptional service, the hotel’s modern, stylish design is strongly influenced by its Quebec roots.

Anticipating the resurgence of the Saint Roch neighbourhood, GEI knew that this property – reimagined – could achieve a high degree of success within this up-and-coming area. GEI concepted, created, redesigned and rebranded Hotel PUR Quebec after it was signed to the Tribute Portfolio family of independent boutique hotels in 2016. GEI is an investor, owner and operator, managing the property through its affiliate, Crescent Hotels & Resorts. After a complete renovation and redesign that artfully mirrored the history, richness and depth of the neighbourhood, Hotel PUR debuted as a Tribute Portfolio hotel in 2017.