Anthony (Tony) Cohen

A businessman and entrepreneur, Tony is President & CEO of Global Edge Investments (GEI), a hospitality and lifestyle based investment company he founded in 1998. Tony has been involved in the hospitality industry for 18 years. Prior to founding GEI, he was an employee and minority shareholder in Canada's largest casual dining restaurant company, Prime Restaurants. Tony's passion is the guest experience and created GEI to invest, manage and create memorable service experiences. Through GEI, Tony has invested and managed assets of over $175 million in the hospitality industry. Tony attended the College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia and honed his skills by opening over 40 restaurants for a large Canadian company and implementing management and training programs, as well as working in hotels. Tony is the 2012 recipient of the Ontario Hostelry Institute Gold Award for Hotelier of the Year.

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